Must Try Penang Street Food

The diverse culture of Penang from the English colonial era has led to some of the diverse food habits. And now Penang is known for its finest foods, awesome restaurants and many more. The street food of Penang deserves a special mention.

Over the years food culture in Penang has evolved so much. Finding the perfect food joints in Penang can be time consuming and irritating as well. The best street food shops are located throughout entire Penang providing a plethora of exquisite dishes. The rich spicy taste and the excellent fragrance characterize a typical Penang street food.

Expect to gain a kg or two during your stay…

Chee Cheong Fun

The popular rice rolls are an integral part of Penang. Chee Cheong Fun is an age old recipe- it’s a legacy. The savoury rice rolls are topped with sesame seeds and a couple of sauces although the taste of thick prawn sauce is dominant.

Char Koay Teow

This flat noodle based savoury seafood is combined with prawns and fried with pork lard. And the result is some extremely tasty thing that will ignite your senses.

Cendol (Penang Road)

This traditional dessert packs a whole lot of nutrients. This delectable dessert consists of coconut milk and jelly noodles. The added red beans, glutinous jelly, creamed corn also adds to the unique taste.

Asam Laksa

The Laksa is a very popular dish of Penang; the broth consisting of rice vermicelli, mackerel, slender vegetables pineapple, onion, torch ginger slices along with the prawn sauce is a top-drawer. Tamarind and an array of spices are used for a dominant spicy and sour taste which you will enjoy thoroughly.

Hokkien Mee (Prawn Noodle)

Also known as Prawn Noodle. The basic constituents are fried prawns along with soupy noodles along with small pieces of chicken, squid and pork ribs in it. Add extra chili paste if you want it spicy. Served with veggies, lard and a variety of sauces, you don’t want to miss out on this one!

Bak Kut Teh

A Chinese favourite, bak kut teh literally means “pork bone soup”. As its name suggests, it is traditionally a base of herbal soup brewed with pork bones, and served with various cuts of the meat.Bak kut teh is popularly served in Malaysia, and in areas with a large Chinese Hokkien community.


This indigenous salad comprises of prawns, fried squid, bean sprouts and other veggies. It is served with a sweet and spicy sauce for further enhancing the taste.

Nasi Kandar

If you are looking for something heavy, Nasi Kandar can be the perfect choice. The mild aroma of the rice along with a set of rich curries is enough to arouse your senses.

Nasi Lemak (Weld Quay)

This dish cannot be categorised under quick bites, the fragrant rice made on coconut leaves retain its flavour. The hard boiled eggs along with the veggies can come with a non-veg variant as well.

Oh Chien (Fried Oyster)

The Oh Chien is a fried omelette dish made from Tapioca flour. Everything including the oyster, garlic, chilli paste produces a delightful taste in the mouth.

Tau Sar Pheah

Also known as Tambun biscuits or Dragon Balls, Tau Sar Pheah is something you will crave for your entire life once you taste it. The round shaped biscuits are filled with a creamy green beans (tau sar) paste and layered with a crust.


Malaysian Satay, skewers of meat with satay peanut sauce is a very popular dish in Malaysia. Walk down any street in the Penang you will find at roadside stalls, hawker centers, pasar malam, kopitiam, & restaurants.